Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs

Relieve Your Dog's Pain

Why Use Dog Glucosamine

Why give your dog glucosamine? Because you care. Because you don’t like to see them in pain. Because you want them to feel better. Because you love them!
When Should I Give My Dog Glucosamine
Across time, dogs have become very pain tolerant. They may hurt all over but will continue to try to please the people they love – often to their own detriment. So it’s up to their masters to know when their dog is in pain. And that’s not always easy.
Some of the Signs Your Dog may be in Pain Are
These changes in behavior usually signal arthritis and joint pain. And joint pain can be found in dogs of all sizes and age. Yes, arthritis is usually the result of aging – but it can also occur following injury or joint strain – one you may not even know about!
If you have noticed any of these changes in the behavior of your dog – he’s probably in pain. And he needs your help. That’s when it’s time to try dog glucosamine.
Why Dog Glucosamine
Dog glucosamine is specifically formulated for canines. It has ascorbic acid in it to greatly increase the uptake of the glucosamine into your dog’s system. And it is formulated in the proper dosage for dogs – usually based on the dog’s weight. While giving your dog glucosamine found in your local drug store will not harm him – it will not provide significant benefit either.
Dog glucosamine comes in liquid and pill form. If you have trouble pilling your dog, be sure to try liquid glucosamine for dogs. It can be dispensed over food, eliminating the struggle of getting your dog to take his medicine.
How Does Dog Glucosamine Work
Dog glucosamine works in three ways:
Dog glucosamine has been used for more than twenty years – safely and effectively. There have been many studies that have proven glucosamine’s ability to repair cartilage and reduce pain. And it has none of the side-effects of aspirin or Rimadyl which include:
Dog glucosamine is also less expensive than Rimadyl which is the drug of choice of most vets.
How Long Does It Take to Work 
The benefits of dog glucosamine are usually seen between 14 and 30 days. The first sign is often increased energy. Next is an improvement in the range of motion and the ability to run, jump and play. Across time, most owners find their dogs acting young again. Dog glucosamine can restore the quality of life your dog once enjoyed – a benefit for both of you.
Once dog glucosamine has proven effective for your dog, you can expect to give it to him for the rest of his life. Studies have shown that dog’s joints begin to deteriorate in as little as 3 months following removal of dog glucosamine.
So, if your dog seems to be having joint pain, give dog glucosamine a try. You’ll be glad you did – and so will your dog!