Glucosamine Chondroitin for Dogs

Relieve Your Dog's Pain

How to Dose Glucosamine for Dogs

Does your dog seem tuckered out at the end of the day? Does he sometimes sleep more than he used to and mope around the house? Is he less eager to play? Well – those may be the early warning signs of arthritis. And in dogs, one of the best pain and restorative supplements is glucosamine for dogs.
Dosing with glucosamine for dogs can be safe and easy to do from the comfort of your home. It is safe because pet supplements are strictly monitored as to purity and quantity of active ingredient. And it can be easy to do because it comes in a variety of forms, one of which your dog is sure to like.
Unit of Measurement
The standard unit of measurement for dog glucosamine is 500mgs. Dispensing is based upon weight – so it’s important to know exactly how much your dog weighs in pounds. The standard recommended dosage is:
I generally break my dog’s dose in half – one half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Since there is no time released glucosamine for dogs, I feel this provides maximum coverage for the day.
Using Dog Treats – The Easiest Way to Go
There are many dog glucosamine treats available – treats dogs will gobble down because they taste so good. Most treats contain the standard 500mgs dose but be sure to check the label. If the dosage is more or less than 500mgs, you’ll need to calculate how many treats you need to give.
Using Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs – Next on the List
Liquid glucosamine for dogs can be easy to dispense if you provide discrete meals – as opposed to free feeding. With discrete meal feeding, you can be almost certain your dog will eat everything in his bowl in a single sitting. That being the case, sprinkle the appropriate dose of liquid glucosamine over your dog’s food and you’re done for the day.
Using Pills, Tablets or Capsules – Hardest? Maybe!
I personally give my two dogs the pill form of glucosamine for dogs. Now I must admit – it mostly has to do with what was available when I started supplementing them. But they look forward to it both morning and evening. 
How can that be? Well, I disguise it in Liverwurst (or Braunschweiger if you prefer). I take a piece of the soft sausage, put the pill in the center, and roll it into a very small meatball. My dogs look forward to it every day and my vet says it won’t hurt them since they are both active and at their proper weight.
Just be sure you check the amount of dog glucosamine in your pill, tablet or capsule so you can make the proper correction it it’s something other than 500mgs.
Watch Your Dog for a While
Dogs – just like people – have different genes and different abilities to tolerate things such as the weather, grass, food and supplements. There are two things to be on the look-out for:
Remember, dogs - like humans - have different abilities to tolerate pain. But glucosamine for dogs is not only a pain remedy, it also promotes the formulation of new cartilage. So even if you think your large dog could get along just as well on 3 doses – don’t do it. That 4th dose may make all the difference in restoring healthy tissue.
Your Reward
Your reward comes in the form of a happier, healthier, more playful best friend. Glucosamine for dogs can work a miracle on your dog – returning him to a younger version of himself. It’s well worth the cost and time required. Once you start it you’ll never want to stop.